About Us

Over the years, Van Kirk Bros. has built just about everything, but now we mainly do infrastructure work, including sewer lagoons and lift stations.

We can fabricate almost any concrete structure and build roadbeds with underground storm sewers.

Over the Past 40 Years, We Have Worked On:

  • Storm and sanitary sewer (new installation and rehab)
  • Water mains and services (new installation and rehab)
  • Wastewater treatment plants and lagoons
  • Sanitary sewer lift stations
  • Box culvert construction
  • Flood mitigation
  • Wetland restoration and development
  • Highway grading/shouldering and pavement repair
  • Earth dam construction and repair
  • General earthmoving and excavation
  • Baseball/softball complex and golf course construction
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Agricultural work
  • Building debris removal
  • Landfills

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